All Staff Production Preservation TPM Practice Training

Beite Steel Pipe conducts all -employed production preservation TPM practice training
In order to promote the implementation of lean management strategies, learn all the equipment and methods of equipment preservation (TPM), and enhance the ability of comprehensive production equipment maintenance management, from November 1st to 2nd, the company organized the system construction and implementation of the system construction and landing system of all employees. Training. A total of 125 people in the company's leadership, management and equipment technicians participated in training activities.
In order to make the training more in line with the needs of the company and improve the quality of training, the instructor went to the company to conduct a one -day survey in advance, visit the current status investigation at the production site, and confirm the current company's equipment system management.

Before the start of the class, Ding Wei, General Manager of Beite Steel Pipe and Director of the Equipment Director, made a speech on the class and made a request for the training. During the training, the teacher explained the construction of lean production systems, TPM characteristics, eight pillars of TPM, intelligent manufacturing talent transformation and training, TPM implementation of actual case analysis. Beite Steel Pipe trainees listened to the whole body and carefully recorded. The group discussion session actively communicated and spoke enthusiastically.
In order to allow students to transform the knowledge points they learned at the training site, the teacher requires each group to discuss from the dimensions of the safety environment, production, cost, personnel and other dimensions. The detailed implementation plan and determine the responsible person to form the annual plan of each unit equipment department. The teacher randomly selected the three group representatives to publish the stage. The performance of the students has won full affirmation of the teacher.

In order to improve the effectiveness of the training, according to the teacher's requirements, each student fills in the "531 course study and improvement action plan", that is, the work scenario of the course of 5 o'clock, 3 points with space, a plan that can be improved to improve, random randomly Choose three group representatives to publish. The teacher pointed out that each student must implement in accordance with the planning plan of the implementation of the implementation. One person improves one by one, and everyone can work together to contribute to the company's improvement.
Finally, Han Qiaolin, general manager of Beite Steel Pipe, gave a training summary and thanked the teacher for two days of wonderful training. He pointed out that the teachers mentioned in the class are the company's attention, and the visualization of the teachers, the inspection form, and the failure resume are very practical. The "531" course study and improvement action plan set by each student must be implemented by the annual plan set by each unit. Beite Steel Pipe device management must truly improve the ability of all staff equipment preservation.

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