Delivery of 09MnD Ultra-long Heat Exchanger Tube

Delivery of 09MnD Ultra-long Heat Exchanger Tube

On September 1, 2019, Beite Steel Pipe Co. delivered 09MnD super-long heat exchanger tubes smoothly.
On June 6, 2019, Beite steel pipe signed a number of purchase contracts for 09MnD super-long heat exchanger tubes with a large domestic boiler and pressure vessel factory.
The contract is as follows:
Standard: Q/TDGG 0040-2004,
Material: 09MnD,
Quantity: 750.
Specification: 65mm * 5.0 * 240000mm.

Difficulty of order:
09MnD heat exchanger tube length 24 meters.

For most factories, 24-metre heat exchanger tubes can't be produced anyway, but we can produce heat exchanger tubes up to 50 metres in length.
Because the heat exchanger tubes are 24 meters long, the straightness requirement is extremely stringent in production, ultrasonic and eddy current testing. Our production equipment and testing equipment perfectly solve the straightness problem of 24m 09MnD heat exchanger tube.
At the same time, considering the particularity of the product, our company coordinated the transportation company to customize special auxiliary tooling before delivery, which not only ensured that the quality of the product was not affected in the transportation process, but also helped customers effectively reduce the transportation costs and risks.
Beite steel pipe company has long been committed to the production and development of carbon steel and alloy steel heat exchanger tubes, with mature technology and professional equipment, dedicated to providing customers with high-quality products and services.

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