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  • JIS G3460 STPL380 Steel Tubes
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  • JIS G3460 STPL380 Steel Tubes
    Standard:JIS G3460
    Steel tubes for low temperature service
    JIS G3460 STPL380 Steel tubes for piping used at particularly low temperature below freezing.
    JIS G3460 STPL380 Steel tubes usually applies to pipes with an outer diameter of 10.5 mm to 660.4 mm.
    JIS G3460 STPL380 Steel Tubes Quick Details
    Manufacturing:Seamless; Electric resistance welding
    Type:Hot finished,Cold finished,welded.
    Wall thickness(WT): 12.7mm——50 mm.
    Outer diameter (OD): 10.5mm——660.4mm
    Length: 6M or specified length as required.
    Ends: Plain End, Beveled End, Treaded
    Additional Info
    Port of Shipment: Tianjin, China
    Payment Terms:T / T, LC
    Delivery: 7-15 days after payment
    Surface: Tubes will be varnished (Outside only) to prevent rust.
    Marking: Standard + Steel Grade + Size + Heat No + Lot No
    Package:Standard export package,suit for all kinds of transport, or as required

    Manufacturing method

    The tube is made of fine-grained killed steel, STPL 380 is manufactured seamlessly or by electrical resistance welding.
    The end of the pipe is plain end unless otherwise specified.
    Heat treatment of JIS G3460 STPL380 

    Grade Heat treatment
    STPL380 Normalized, Normalized, Post-tempered,
    Or quenching and tempering

    Chemical composition of JIS G3460 STPL380 

    Letter symbol of grade
    Chemical Composition %
    C Si Mn P S Ni
    STPL 380 0.25 max. 0.35 max. 1.35 max. 0.035 max. 0.035 max.  -

    Mechanical properties of JIS G3460 STPL380 

    Letter symbol of grade Mechanical properties
    Tensile strength Yield point or proof stress Elongation %
    kgf/mm2 {N/mm2} kgf/mm2 {N/mm2} No. 11 or No. 12 test piece No. 5 test piece No. 4 test piece
    Longitudinal Transverse Longitudinal Transverse
    STPL 380 39 {382}min. 21{206} min. 35 min. 25 min. 30 min. 22 min.
    Note 1N / mm2 = 1 MPa
    Note) For tubes with an outside diameter of less than 40 mm, the elongation in this table does not apply.
    Dimensional tolerances
    Tolerances on Outside Diameter, Wall Thickness and Deviation in Wall Thickness

    Division Tolerance on outside diameter Tolerance on wall
    Tolerances on deviation in wall thickness
    Hot-finished seamless steel pipe Up to 50 mm 【 0.5mm Up to 4mm【0.5mm Within 20% of wall thickness
    50mm or over,【1%
    up to 160mm
    4mm and over【12.5%
    160mm and over,【1.6mm up to 200mm
    200mm or over 【 0.8%
    However, for pipes 350mm or over in diameter, the length of circumference may be used as a bases for tolerance. In this case, the tolerances shall be 【 0.5%
    Cold-finished seamless steel pipe, electric-resistance welded pipe Up to 40mm 【 0.3mm Up to 2mm【0.2mm  
    40mm and over 【 0.8%  
    2mm and over【10%
    However, for pipes 350mm or over in diameter, the length of circumference may be used as a bases for tolerances. In this case, the tolerance shall be 【 0.5 %

    a) tube must be practical and straight and both ends are perpendicular to the tube axis.
    b) the inner surface of the tube is good in finishing, and there is no defect which is harmful to use.
    c) in the case of surface treatment, it may be necessary for grindstone or machining, but the thickness of the product after the care must be within the tolerance of thickness.
    d) the ruins must be smoothly formed in the shape of the tube.
    Analysis testing
    Mechanical testing
    Tensile testing
    Flattening testing
    Bending testing
    Charpy impact testing
    Hydraulic or non-destructive testing

    a) type of symbol
    b) a symbol representing a manufacturing method
    The symbols representing the manufacturing method are as follows. However,-may be blank.
    1) Hot finish seamless steel pipe -S-H
    2) Cold finish seamless steel pipe -S-C
    3) Electric resistance welded as-is steel pipe -E-G
    4) Hot finish electric resistance welded steel pipe -E-H
    5) Cold finish electric resistance welded steel pipe -EC
    c) Dimensions. The dimensions indicate the nominal diameter and nominal thickness, or the outer diameter and thickness.
    Example 50A × Sch40 or 60.5 × 3.9
    d) Manufacturer name or its code
    e) Symbol Z representing designation of special quality regulations (when designated)


    We will submit inspection documents to the order.

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