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  • Heat Exchanger Alloy steel U tube
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  • Heat Exchanger Alloy Steel U tubes

    Alloy Steel U-tube heat exchanger tubes are bent into a U-shaped tube, the fluid inlet and outlet were installed in the same side on both sides of the head with partitions into two rooms, each tube is free to expand and retract to solve the heat Compensation problem.

    The U tube is an important part of the U tube heat exchanger.
    The main structure of the U type tube heat exchanger includes the tube box, the barrel, the head, the heat exchange tube, the nozzle, the baffle plate, the punching plate and the guide tube, the short circuit structure, the support and other accessories.

    Alloy Steel U tubes used for heat transfer tubes is usually used for heat transfer tubes and ordinary cold drawn tubes. The former is suitable for non phase transition heat transfer and vibration prone situations, and the latter is suitable for reboiling, condensing heat transfer and non vibration general situations.
    Alloy Steel U tubes has a variety of forms, smooth tube is the most traditional form, because it has the advantages of easy manufacturing and low unit length cost, which is the most common in the current application. The pipe should be able to withstand certain temperature and stress. When the tube and shell side fluid are corrosive, the pipe should also have corrosion resistance.

    The material of Alloy Steel U tubes:T5, T11, T12, T22, T9, T91, etc.

    Alloy Steel  U Tube Quick Details
    Size Range:OD 5/8"~1 1/2" ,
    WT :1.65mm~2.77mm
    Min Radio: 29mm ;
    Max Radio:675.84mm
    FOB Price: US $1,000-3,000 / Ton | 1 Ton/Tons (Min. Order)
    Port of Shipment:Tianjin,China
    Payment:L/C or T/T
    Delivery: 7-15 days after payment
    Type of End-Finish:PE

    Tchnical conditions:
    Heat treatment:Stress relive annealing of U-tubes after bending
    Surface condition Finished U-tubes shall be free of scale, without scratches after bending
    Dimensional tolerances U-tubes acc. to TEMA R.C.B.
    Length of straight part -0/+5 mm 
    Flattening (also called “ovality”) at the bend shall not exceed 10% of the nominal tube outside diameter.
    Wall thickness in bending part acc. to TEMA RCB 2.31 
    Minimum tube wall thickness in the bend part (T min)
    T(min) ≥ (SW × (2×R + D))/( 2× (R+D)
    where: SW is smallest wall thickness
    D Nominal outside diameter
    Radius tolerance 
    1) for R 100 mm +/- 3 mm
    2) for R ≥ 100 mm +/- 5 mm
    Straightness tolerance max. 1,5 mm per 1 m
    U-Tube ends: plain, vertically cut to the tube axis
    Repairs by welding: prohibited
    Surface condition Finished U-tubes shall be free of scale, without scratches after bending, 

    Mandatory tests for U-tubes
    100 % Dimensional and visual control.
    100 % Ball passed test
    100 % Hydrostatic test min 10Mpa/ min 10sec.
    Coating :Passivation and oiled, Black paint or varnish
    Packing:Plastic plugs in both ends, bundles of max. 3,000kg with several steel strips, Two tags on each bundle, Wrapped in waterproof paper packed in wooden case
    Mill Test Certificate:EN 10204/3.1B

    Heat Exchanger Alloy Steel  U Tube Packaging & Delivery

    Types of Packaging:
    - Special crates for U-Bend tubes with each radius separated
    - Our Heat Exchanger Alloy Steel  U Tube packing can meet any needs of the customers.

    Delivery: 7-15 days after payment

    The U tube heat exchanger has only one tube plate, both ends of the tube are fixed on the same tube plate. The tube can expand freely, have no thermal stress, and have good heat compensation performance. The tube process adopts a double pipe range, the flow rate is long, the flow velocity is high, the heat transfer performance is good, the pressure bearing capacity is strong, the tube bundle can be pulled out of the shell, easy to repair and clean and structure. Simple and cheap.
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