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  • EN10297-1 E470 Seamless Steel Pipes
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  • EN10297-1 E470 Seamless Steel Pipes
    EN10297-1 Seamless round steel pipes for mechanical and general engineering purposes.

    EN10297-1 E470 seamless steel tubes are widely used in the automotive, oil and gas, general engineering, and agricultural industries, such as: bushings, hydraulic cylinders, hollow shafts, hollow transmission rollers, wheels, drills and abrasive tools.

    EN10297-1 E470 Chemical Composition
    EN10297-1 Smelting composition of E470 steel grade

    Steel Grade C Si Mn P S Other elements
    Steel Name Steel No. min. max. mix. max. min. max. min. max.
    E470 1.0536 0.16 0.22 0.10 0.50 1.30 1.70 1.030 0.035 AI:min.0.010;N:max.0.020; Nb:max.0.07;  V:0.05-0.15
    Note: Adding Al, Nb, V, and N to the basic elements of C-Si-Mn will give full play to the precipitation strengthening effect of V-N and improve the strength index; at the same time, rely on Al and Nb to refine the grains and reduce the brittle transition temperature.

    EN10297-1 E470 Physical Properties

    Steel Grade Minimum Mechanical Properties
    Yield Strength(ReH)Mpaa Tensile Strength(Rm)Mpa Elongation A%
    For T in mm For T in mm L T
    ≤16 >16
    ≤16 >16
    E470 470 430 - - - 650 600 - - 17 15
    The key process control of EN10297-1 E470 seamless steel pipe
    1. Perforation process
    The heating temperature of the perforation is controlled at 1200~1240℃, and the heating is uniform. The piercing tools and molds need to be inspected and ground to prevent capillary scratches caused by damage to the molds. The piercing unit is adjusted correctly, the tube blank bites smoothly, the capillary tube is thrown smoothly, the piercing process is stable, and the ejector does not jump significantly.
    2. Tube material annealing
    In order to prevent the steel tube from breaking during cold drawing and cold rolling, the capillary tube needs to be annealed. The critical points Ac1 and Ac3 of E470 are 730 ℃ and 853 ℃, respectively. According to recrystallization annealing, the temperature is set slightly lower than Ac1, 720 ℃. After 45 minutes of heat preservation, air cooling is provided to ensure the smoothness of subsequent cold drawing and cold rolling.
    3. Heat treatment of finished products
    According to standard requirements, E470 can be delivered in hot rolled state, or cold working + normalizing state. The normalizing temperature is set at 880~920℃. After 15 minutes of heat preservation, the cooled flue gas air with less oxygen content is used to strengthen the cooling. The fan is set to 50Hz, and then it is released to ensure the strength index of the finished product.

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