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  • ASTM A335 P11 Alloy steel pipe
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  • ASTM A335 P11 Alloy steel pipe

    ASTM A335 P11 High Pressure Alloy Steel Pipe
    ASTM A335 P11 is a grade of ASTM A335 standard,ASTM A335 Standard Specification for Seamless Ferritic Alloy-Steel Pipe for High-Temperature Service.
    ASTM A335 P11  for use in high temperature nominal wall thickness and minimum wall thickness of seamless ferritic alloy steel pipe. 

    ASTM A335 P11 Alloy Steel Pipe Manufactor
    beite steel pipe supply Alloy Steel Pipe for many years, every year sell more than 800 tons of Alloy Steel Pipe.
    beite steel pipe  has already provided a series of High Pressure Alloy Steel Pipe, including: A335 P2 Alloy Steel Pipe,A335 P5 Alloy Steel Pipe,A335 P9 Alloy Steel Pipe,A335 P11 Alloy Steel Pipe,A335 P22 Alloy Steel Pipe,A335 P91 Alloy Steel Pipe.
    We can customize and innovate the ASTM A335 P11 High Pressure Alloy Steel Pipe with advanced technology. Our all ASTM A335 P11 High Pressure Alloy Steel Pipes are tested in accordance to internationally recognized standards or our own more stringent internal test procedures, which is developed considering the harsh field conditions. Tension test, flattening test, flaring test, hardness test, hydrostatic or nondestructive electric test be made on  specimens. 

    ASTM A335 P11 Alloy Steel Pipe Quick Details
    Company Name: beite steel pipe
    Country/Region: China
    Product Name:ASTM A335 P11 Alloy Steel Pipe
    FOB Price: US $1221-2000 / Ton | 1 Ton/Tons (Min. Order)
    Port of Shipment:Tianjin,China
    Payment:L/C or T/T
    Delivery: 7-15 days after payment
    Package:Standard export package,suit for all kinds of transport, or as required
    Certificate:ISO 9001-2000,PED 97/23/EC,ASME,DNV

    ASTM A335 P11 Alloy Steel Pipe Dimensional Range & Specification
    Outside Diameter:20mm——228.8mm
    Wall thickness:0.9mm——15mm
    Length:6000mm、12000m or specified length as required. 


    Chemical Composition

    ASTM A335 P11 Alloy Steel Pipe Chemical Composition(%)
    Grade Chemical Composition(%)
    C Mn P S Si Cr Mo
    A335 P11 ≤0.015 0.30-0.60 ≤0.025 ≤0.025 ≤0.50 4.00-6.00 0.45-0.65

    Mechanical Properties

    ASTM A335 P11 Alloy Steel Pipe Mechanical & Physical Properties

    Grade Mechanical property
    Tensile Strength(MPa) Yield Strength(MPa) Elongation(%)
    A335 P11 ≥415 ≥205 ≥30

    Surface Condition
    Pickling or shot blasting, Passivated, Black Phosphating.

    Material & Manufacture
    Pipe may be either hot finished or cold drawn with the finishing heat treatment 

    Heat Treatment 
    A / N+T 
    N+T / Q+T 

    Specification Tolerances

    Tolerance Of Outside Diameter 

    ASTM A450 Hot rolled Outside Diameter(mm) Tolerance(mm)
    OD≤101.6 +0.4 / -0.8
    101.6<OD≤190.5 +0.4 / -1.2
    190.5<OD≤228.6 +0.4 / -1.6
    Cold Drawn OD<25.4 ±0.10
    25.4≤OD≤38.1 ±0.15
    38.1<OD<50.8 ±0.20
    50.8≤OD<63.5 ±0.25
    63.5≤OD<76.2 ±0.30
    76.2≤OD≤101.6 ±0.38
    101.6<OD≤190.5 +0.38 / -0.64
    190.5<OD≤228.6 +0.38 / -1.14
    ASTM A530,ASTM A335 NPS Outside Diameter(inch) Tolerance(mm)
    1/8≤OD≤1-1/2 ±0.40
    1-1/2<OD≤4 ±0.79
    4<OD≤8 +1.59 / -0.79
    8<OD≤12 +2.38 / -0.79
    12<OD ±1%

    Tolerance Of Wall Thickness

    ASTM A450 Hot rolled Outside Diameter(mm) Tolerance(%)
    OD≤101.6,WT≤2.4 +40 / -0
    OD≤101.6,2.4<WT≤3.8 +35 / -0
    OD≤101.6,3.8<WT≤4.6 +33 / -0
    OD≤101.6,4.6<WT +28 / -0
    101.6<OD,2.4<WT≤3.8 +35 / -0
    101.6<OD,3.8<WT≤4.6 +33 / -0
    101.6<OD,4.6<WT +28 / -0
    Cold Drawn OD≤38.1 +20 / -0
    OD>38.1 +22 / -0
    ASTM A530 NPS Outside Diameter(inch) Tolerance(%)
    1/8≤OD≤2-1/2 +22 / -12.5
    3≤OD≤18,WT/OD≤5% +22.5 / -12.5
    3≤OD≤18,WT/OD>5% +15 / -12.5
    20≤OD,WT/OD≤5% +22.5 / -12.5
    20≤OD,WT/OD>5% +15 / -12.5


    Hydrostatic Test
    Each length of pipe shall be subjected to the hydro-static test, 
    Unless otherwise specified in the purchase order, each length of pipe shall, at the option of the manufacturer, be subjected to the nondestructive electric test  in lieu of the hydrostatic test.
    Mechanical Tests Required
    Transverse or Longitudinal Tension Test and Flatten- ing Test, Hardness Test, or Bend Test—For material heat treated in a batch-type furnace, tests shall be made on 5 % of the pipe from each treated lot (Note 7). For small lots, at least 1 pipe shall be tested. For material heat treated by the continuous process, tests shall be made on a sufficient number of pipe to constitute 5 % of the lot (Note 7), but in no case less than 2 pipe.
    NOTE 7—The term “lot” applies to all pipe of the same nominal size  and wall thickness (or schedule) which is produced from the same heat of steel and subjected to the same finishing treatment in a continuous furnace; when final heat treatment is in a batch-type furnace, the lot shall include only that pipe which is heat treated in the same furnace charge.

    Hardness Test:
    For pipe of Grade P122, Brinell, Vickers, or Rock- well hardness tests shall be made on a specimen from each lot (see Note 7).
    Bend Test:
    For pipe whose diameter exceeds NPS 25 and whose diameter to wall thickness ratio is 7.0 or less shall be subjected to the bend test instead of the flattening test. Other pipe whose diameter equals or exceeds NPS 10 may be given the bend test in place of the flattening test subject to the approval of the purchaser.
    The bend test specimens shall be bent at room temperature through 180° without cracking on the outside of the bent portion. The inside diameter of the bend shall be 1 in. [25 mm].
    Test specimens for the bend test specified in 13.3 shall be cut from one end of the pipe and, unless otherwise specified, shall be taken in a transverse direction. One test specimen shall be taken as close to the outer surface as possible and another from as close to the inner surface as possible. The specimens shall be either 1⁄2 by 1⁄2 in. [12.5 by 12.5 mm] in section or 1 by 1⁄2 in. [25 by 12.5 mm] in section with the corners rounded to a radius not over 1⁄16 in. [1.6 mm] and need not exceed 6 in. [150 mm] in length. The side of the samples placed in tension during the bend shall be the side closest to the inner and outer surface of the pipe, respectively.


    Quality Control
    1、Incoming Raw Material Inspection
    2Raw Material Segregation to avoid steel grade mix-up
    3Heating and Hammering End for Cold Drawing
    4Cold Drawing and Cold Rolling, on line inspection
    5Heat Treatment, A / N+T ,N+T / Q+T ,N+T
    6Straightening-Cutting to specified length-Finished Measuring Inspection
    7Machanical Testing in own labs with Tensile Strength, Yield Strength, Elongation, Hardness,Impact, Mictrostruture etc
    8 Packing and Stocking.

    ASTM A335 P11 Alloy Steel Pipe Packaging & Delivery


    Types of Packaging:
    - Bundles (hexagonal)
    - Wooden Boxes
    - Crates (steel/wooden)
    - Special crates for U-Bend tubes with each radius separated
    - Our A335 P11 Alloy Steel Pipe packing can meet any needs of the customers.

    Delivery: 7-15 days after payment


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