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Production system of steel tube rolling

Attention:     Issuing time:2019-11-11 14:07
Production system of steel tube rolling
Production systern of steel tube rolling generally refers to the rolling production system for producing all kinds of seamless steel tubes. Although the proportion of seamless steel tube in the hot rolled material is not large, it has a wide range of uses and high quality requirements for the tube blank. Therefore, this single type of rolling production system has gradually become the development direction of steel tube production, and it is developing towards the integration of smelting, casting (or continuous casting), rolling and tube end processing.
In addition to some special rolling mills (such as the hot rolling cycle mill, see the cycle mill for pipe rolling), which directly hot-rolled steel ingots into steel pipes, the steel pipe production system is generally composed of various types of tube blank rolling mills (sometimes can also be replaced by the section mill) as the basic rolling mills and various steel pipe units for the production of finished pipes. (see Figure) all kinds of steel tube units are named after the rolling mill which is used to roll the rough tube. The petroleum pipe and geological pipe are equipped with various pipe end processing equipment for pipe end processing. With the rapid development of continuous casting technology and continuous improvement of continuous casting level, the number of tube billets supplied by continuous casting machine is increasing.
The size of steel pipe output, the number of product varieties and specifications and the quality requirements for products are the main basis for determining the size and type of various rolling mills in the steel pipe production system.
In addition to the production of seamless steel pipes by hot rolling, cold rolling, cold drawing or extrusion can also be used to produce high-precision seamless pipes or special purpose pipes.

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