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Ends Of Pipe

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Ends Of Pipe
Pipe Ends Of Steel Pipes


Pipe end is the end types of steel pipes,it means the description of how the section of pipe ends.
There are five main types of pipe ends: Beveled end(BE), Plain end(PE), Threaded end(TE) , Grooved ends (Victaulic pipes),Threaded and coupled ends(T&C).
The various pipe ends are used in different applications and conditions, so it is important to understand the end of the pipe, which determines the way the steel pipe is connected in an industrial piping system.
Bevel end

Bevel end is the most common pipe end type, a bevel end means the end is not perpendicular to the pipe or pipe fitting surface.In regular international standards,the angle of a bevel end is 37.5° .
beveled end pipes are joined by welding, the bevel angle will bring a lean gap between two pipes or fittings and help the welding connection sufficiently.
Plain end

Plain end is a pipe with a 90 degree perpendicular to the running direction,it is the most common pipe end we have seen, the plain end means no any special finish on the pipe,
plain ends are generally used for smaller diameters, also common for stainless, duplex and nickel-alloy pipes
In the welding joint, a plain end pipe could be used not only for butt welding,but also the socket welding or welding with a slip on flange.In the flexible connection,two plain end pipes connected with a flange adaptor, and sealing by the rubber ring in the adaptor.
Threaded end
Threaded end (which are generally NPT as per ASME B1.20.1 for petrochemical pipes) is used for smaller size pipelines or gas lines.
A threaded connection includes a male thread and a female thread ,without welding or other permanent attachment,require threaded fittings and flanges, is used between a pipe and a fitting.
Grooved end

The grooved pipe end means there is a processed groove on the end of a pipe or fitting.
The grooved pipes or fittings are joint by victaulic couplings or other grooved,mechanical pipe fittings,The groove connection is easily to assemble and disassemble,that allow a quick connection,and used widely in HVACR and firefighting field piping systems.
Threaded and coupled ends (T&C)

Threaded and coupled ends are pipe ends that are connected by threads and couplings without welding.
Alternative construction method based on premium mechanical connections in the form of non-welded threaded and coupled connectors,generally used for gas distribution。
In expansion or industrial piping systems, it is very important to know how each type of pipe end is connected.
I don't think you would specify a threaded connection for a large diameter pipe or a welded end when connecting to a threaded part.

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