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Tube sizing mill

Attention:     Issuing time:2018-06-06 00:45

Tube sizing mill
The Tube sizing mill is a steel tube that is rolled out. After reheating in a heating furnace, it is sizing-rolled to obtain a higher-precision steel tube size.
The tube sizing mill sizing roller is the main tool for sizing. It supports and rotates through the bearings in the sizing roller box and ensures the correct position of the sizing roller in the frame. The sizing roll hole adjustment can be adjusted individually or simultaneously with both rolls.
The tube sizing mill has a small number of working frames, usually 5 to 14 frames, and the total reduction rate is about 3% to 7%. Increasing the number of sizing frames can expand the product specifications, bringing convenience to production, and new The number of sizing frames in the design shop is all too high. Tube sizing mill in many forms, according to the number of rollers can be divided into two-roller, three-roller, four-roller tube sizing mill; according to the rolling method is divided into longitudinal tube sizing mill and oblique tube sizing mill.
Equipment composition
The tube sizing mill is mainly composed of a working frame and a transmission device.
Main effect
The tube sizing mill unit is generally 3 to 4 horizontal roller stands, and there are alternately arranged roll stand racks, with two straightening heads or one 8-roll straightening head at the outlet end.
The role of the tube sizing mill unit is:
(1) Minimize the diameter (sizing) of the steel tube to control the diameter and ellipticity of the steel tube in accordance with the standards;
(2) It can be used as a shaping unit for special-shaped tubes, and the welded round tube can be shaped into various shaped cross-section shaped tubes;
(3) The surface of the steel pipe is machined to make the surface smooth, eliminating the tool marks after the outer burr is removed;
(4) Rough straightening of the steel pipe, eliminating the bending after cooling, so that the steel pipe basically enters into the flying saw.


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