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U-shaped heat exchanger tube——made by Beite

Attention:     Issuing time:2018-10-30 15:35
U-shaped heat exchanger tube - made by Beite
Beite steel pipe is one of the leading U-tube suppliers in China. U-tubes are made of precision straight tubes. These precision straight tubes are completed after cold rolling and bright annealing. In order to meet the technical conditions of our customers, every step of the process is strictly controlled.

U-tubes are mainly divided into two categories according to materials: stainless steel U-tubes  and alloy steel U-tube 

U-tube explanation
a...................The difference in length between two straight pipe sections
c..............The tangent spacing of the outer wall of the elbow
Da............nominal steel pipe outer diameter
E..............The distance between the outer diameters of the two straight ends
f...............the distance between the ends of the two straight ends
l............... straight tube length
Lg............. straight pipe section plus total length of pipe
Rm...........nominal bending radius
S.............nominal wall thickness
Smin.......The minimum wall thickness at the back of the elbow
t...............the bend deviates from the horizontal distance
So...........Standard minimum wall thickness


Heat treatment
If requested by the customer, we add a straight pipe section with a minimum of 150mm according to the elbow.
Heat treatment is performed.
The computer controls the heat treatment furnace and records all the data.
The tube is filled with a protective gas - argon.
We can provide all the forms of annealing:
Solution annealing
Stress relief annealing
Stabilized annealing

Technical Parameters
Outer diameter: 12.7-38 mm
The bending radius is from 1.5 times the outer diameter to 1250 mm. The outer diameter is over 28mm,
The minimum bend radius can be further discussed.
Straight pipe length is the shortest 1000mm
Straight pipe length up to 12000mm
The bending radius is below 1000mm and heat treatment is required.

Bent pipe technology standard
Technical Standard 7-2-1179
DIN 2879, TEMA RCB 2.31
Can be specified according to customer requirements. Can also follow some general techniques
All U-tubes are subjected to a hydrostatic test after heat treatment.
The test time is not less than 5 seconds at the set pressure.
All tubes were blown dry and carefully cleaned after the test.
Measuring, cutting, deburring, cleaning
Accurately measure U-tubes according to relevant standards or customer requirements.
All pipes should be cut to length, deburred, and air dried to the inner wall.
Seal the ends with a plastic cap before packing.
Use a strong, and depending on the distance to the destination, choose an open or sealed wooden case with a maximum weight of 8,000kg.
Both ends of the pipe are sealed with a plastic cap
Each elbow radius specification is vertically separated
Each row is separated by a chlorine-free plastic sheet every two meters
Each bundle of tubes is wrapped in plastic sheet
Customers can provide packaging drawings or Sandvik ready to package
The packing list should be packed in a plastic bag and placed in a wooden box for detailed review at the time of arrival - including all bend radii and pipe lengths.


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