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The 3# Heat Treatment Line is put into operation

Attention:     Issuing time:2019-09-10 14:41
Equipment upgrade, Beite Steel Pipe's 3# heat treatment line has been put into operation recently
Beite steel pipe company has upgraded the heat treatment furnace, ultrasonic flaw detector and other core equipment since 2018. Following the successful commissioning of the 1 # and 2 # heat treatment lines in 2018, Kanghong company continued to increase investment in 2019, and the 3 # heat treatment line went into operation smoothly on September 1.
The heat treatment line is a roller-hearth micro-oxidation heat treatment furnace with a length of 80 meters. The temperature of the furnace section is automatically adjusted by the temperature control system. The combustion atmosphere in the furnace is better and the oxide layer on the surface of the product is thinner. At the same time, it matches the back-process equipment such as straightening, cutting, eddy current and ultrasonic testing machine, which greatly improves the 19/25 heat exchange tube and height. The heat treatment capacity and surface quality of the pressed alloy pipe are significantly improved.
Better equipment will lead to better products. As always, we will upgrade our equipment to produce higher quality seamless steel tubes for our customers.


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