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TP321 stainless steel Performance and Characteristics

Attention:     Issuing time:2020-06-23 11:40
TP321 stainless steel Performance and Characteristics
Introduction of stainless steel grades-the performance and characteristics of 321

Introduction of TP321 stainless steel

TP321 stainless steel is 18/8 austenitic stainless steel (TP304) stabilized with titanium. After the grade is heated in the carbide precipitation temperature range of 425-850°C, no intergranular corrosion will occur. TP321 stainless steel is used in applications with a temperature range up to about 900°C. It has both high strength, anti-oxidation peeling and subsequent phase stability to aqueous solution corrosion.
TP321H is an improved grade of TP321, with controllable higher carbon content and higher high temperature strength.
The limitation of the TP321 grade is that the welding arc transition of titanium is not very good, so it cannot be used as a welding material. Therefore, the use of TP347 grade-niobium also plays a role in carbide stabilization, but can be transferred by welding arc. Therefore, TP347 is the standard welding consumable for TP321 stainless steel welding. TP347 is only occasionally used as a base material.
Like other austenitic grades, TP321 stainless steel has excellent forming and welding characteristics, is easy to bend or roll forming, and does not require post-weld annealing. TP321 stainless steel has excellent toughness even at low temperatures. The polishing effect of TP321 stainless steel is not good, so it is not recommended for decorative purposes.

Performance and characteristics

Corrosion resistance
It is equivalent to TP304 stainless steel under annealing conditions. It is used in the temperature range of 425-900°C and has excellent corrosion resistance. Pitting and crevice corrosion will occur in a warm chloride environment, and stress corrosion cracking is prone to occur at temperatures above about 50°C. It can tolerate up to 200mg/L of chloride in drinking water (at room temperature). When the temperature is 60°C, the tolerable chloride concentration is reduced to about 150mg/L.

Heat resistance
It has good anti-oxidation performance, and the use temperature can be as high as 900°C (intermittent use) and 925°C (continuous use). These grades perform well in the temperature range of 425-900°C, especially for the subsequent corrosion of aqueous solutions. TP321H has high thermal strength and is especially suitable for high temperature structural applications.
Heat treatment
Solution treatment (annealing)
TP321 stainless steel is heated to 950-1120°C and quickly cooled to obtain maximum corrosion resistance.

This treatment follows the conventional solution treatment. Each 25mm thickness is heated to approximately 870-890°C for 2 hours and then air cooled. For the most demanding conditions (above 425°C), especially for materials annealed in the upper range of annealing temperature, stabilization is recommended. The supply and demand parties must reach an agreement on specific handling methods.
Stress relief treatment
Heat to 700°C for 1 to 2 hours, then air cool. These grades cannot be hardened by heat treatment.
Welding performance
Excellent welding performance, all standard fusion welding methods (with or without filler metal) are applicable. AS 1554.6 pre-assessed the welding of TP321 and TP347 with TP347 or TP347Si electrodes.
"Double Brand Certification"
TP321 and TP321H sheets often have dual-grade certification, which is suitable for high temperature applications.

Typical application
Expansion joints, bellows, furnace parts, heating pipes, heat exchangers, high-temperature filters, burner pipes and spiral welded pipes of flues, etc.
Performance data specified in standard specifications
ASTM A240/A240M specifies the properties of flat rolled products (medium plate, thin plate and coil). For other products such as pipes of corresponding specifications, similar but not necessarily identical performance indicators are specified.

Chemical composition


Mechanical properties

Note: There is also a grain size requirement for 321H: No. 7 or larger


Physical properties (typical values ​​in the annealed state)
Equivalent grade


Possible alternative grades
TP304L - but it can replace TP321 stainless steel when it requires intergranular corrosion resistance instead of high temperature strength.
TP304H - Only used in mild high temperature environment, the use temperature is up to about 600°C-800°C.
TP310 - The operating temperature is up to about 1100°C. For TP321 or TP321H, this temperature is too high.
253MA - The operating temperature is up to about 1150°C. For TP321 or TP321H, this temperature is too high.


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