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Steel prices rose sharply,On May 19,2020

Attention:     Issuing time:2020-05-19 16:57
On May 19, steel prices rose sharply
Steel prices have risen sharply today! The highest increase of 130 yuan / ton! During the weekend, billets rose sharply, and the steel market in North China expanded. The market enthusiasm for speculation rose, the downstream enthusiasm for taking goods increased, and the overall price of steel rose.
For details, please see today's steel prices
1.The price of building materials on May 19: soared 60-80 yuan / ton;
Today, the price of building materials soared 60-80 yuan / ton. The recovery of international crude oil demand boosted commodities, the black system rebounded at a high level, and the demand for steel raw materials was good. The billet prices rose sharply, and the willingness to follow the spot increase was obvious. The atmosphere of spot resource trading was active. Comprehensive consideration, it is expected that the price of construction materials will continue to rise in the short term.
2.On May 19th, the prices of hot-rolled coils increased significantly by RMB 30-130 / t;
The national hot-roll market is mainly based on high prices, with Shanghai, Nanjing, Anyang, Lecong, Tangshan, Tianjin and other places wide-ranging. The volume is higher and higher, the cost is high and the price is good. The market entry is positive, the trading atmosphere is good, and the short-term strong operation is expected.
3.May 19 cold-rolled coil prices: pull up 20-100 yuan / ton;
Today's mainstream cold-rolled market prices have risen, and transactions have performed better. It is understood that under the stimulus of the new policies of leading steel mills such as Angang and Maanshan Iron and Steel, terminal and downstream users are worried that prices will continue to rise, so they have actively entered the market to purchase for stock preparation. The situation improved, and individual large-scale households shipped more than 500 tons per day. It is expected that the prices of cold-rolled coils will stabilize and strengthen in the short term.
4.On May 19th, the price of heavy plate increased by 30-100 yuan / ton;
Today, the price of the mid-board market is strong, and the market atmosphere after the rise is general. There are many favorable factors in the periphery, and the cost is supported by about one hundred yuan. Expected, but for now, more bullish than bad bearish, so the short-term price is expected to run stronger.
5.Tropical prices on May 19: pulling up 40-100 yuan / ton;
Today, the mainstream of tropical prices is rising. Due to the sharp rise in market prices over the weekend, merchants generally offer firm prices. From the merchant account, we know that the overall market trading after the rise is general, and the merchants often follow the market, and the terminal demand is weak. Merchants that are currently out of stock generally exist, but because of the risks after reaching a certain high level in the short term, they are cautious under the influence of high emotions. Considering the strong wait-and-see sentiment, it is expected that the short-term strip prices may strengthen steadily.
6.Profile price on May 19: shocks tend to rise 10-120 yuan / ton;
Recently, the prices of steel billets and finished products have been increasing, which has played a certain role in boosting the mentality of the raw material market. Merchants have a strong willingness to increase prices. Judging from the feedback from the market, the downstream transactions have relatively improved, but it is difficult to be optimistic. In terms of inventory, Tangshan, the main source of supply, was affected by environmental protection and implemented a production suspension policy. At present, the stock of the factory warehouse is generally low, which forms a certain support for spot prices. In the off-season of demand, there is a weak supply and demand situation. Therefore, it is expected that the short-term price will stabilize within a narrow range.
7.May 19 pipe prices: firm adjustment;
Today, pipe prices are running at a high level, and the raw material end has risen strongly over the weekend. The pipe market followed the increase. The overall trading atmosphere after the rise was generally high. The high transaction slowed down and merchants flexibly shipped a single negotiation. Considering the shortage of raw materials for the limited production, the market support is acceptable. It is expected that the price of pipe materials will be adjusted firmly in the future market.

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