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Inspection and Acceptance of High Pressure Seamless Pipes

Attention:     Issuing time:2019-09-24 14:59

The inspection and acceptance of high-pressure seamless steel pipes must be carried out in batches according to the current world standards and specifications, and each batch of steel pipes should have the same specifications, the same furnace number and the same heat treatment conditions.
The qualified certificate of high pressure seamless steel pipe should include the following contents: material name, steel number, furnace number, batch number and quality, variety name and geometric size, chemical composition: test results (including reference indicators): standard number; supplier and buyer name, code number and contract number.
For high-pressure seamless steel pipes with outer diameter greater than 35mm, there should be oil color marks representing steel grades, steel number, furnace number, standard number and the imprint marks of the manufacturer. For high-pressure seamless steel tubes supplied in bundles with outer diameter less than 35mm, there should be a label (indicating the name of the manufacturer), the mark of the technical supervision department, the specification of the steel bucket, the steel number, the number of roots, the quality star, the furnace number, the batch number and the standard number.
(1)The following contents should be included in the performance inspection and test of high pressure seamless steel tubes.
① When inspecting high temperature seamless steel pipes, if one of the following circumstances occurs, the checking shall be carried out.The certificate does not correspond to the furnace number or steel number of the high-pressure seamless steel pipe on arrival.
② There is no steel number or furnace number on the steel pipe or sign;
③ When the chemical composition or mechanical properties of the certificate are incomplete, a supplementary test should be made on the missing items.
(2) Provisions for Verification Inspection of High Pressure Seamless Steel Tubes
① the outer diameter, wall thickness and length of all seamless steel pipes shall be measured one by one, and their dimensions shall conform to relevant standards;
② All seamless steel tubes should be numbered one by one and their hardness should be checked.
③ Take one of the highest hardness and the lowest hardness from each batch of seamless steel tubes, and prepare five samples each. Among them, two are tension test, two are impact test, and one is flattening or cold bending test. The test methods and evaluation standards comply with the relevant standards.
④ Chemical analysis was carried out by taking samples from seamless steel tubes or specimens for mechanical properties test.
When there is no certificate of nondestructive testing from the manufacturer, nondestructive testing shall be carried out one by one; if there is a certificate of nondestructive testing from the manufacturer, 10% of the defects shall be detected by random inspection after appearance inspection. If there are still unqualified persons, they should be checked one by one.


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