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Rare tube - hot rolled seamless square tube

Attention:     Issuing time:2020-03-11 15:06
Rare tube - hot rolled seamless square tube
Hot rolled seamless square tube
Hot-rolled seamless square pipes are square steel pipes with four corners. By changing the last two of the 12 micro-tension sizing units into four-high rolling mills on the original seamless steel pipe production line (this four-high rolling mill is actually hot Common universal rolling mills). Steel pipe production technology and section steel production technology are merged across boundaries.

Seamless steel tube, cold-formed square tube, people who have been engaged in steel trade for many years basically know what kind of products they are, but it is estimated that few people know seamless square tube, and it is hot-rolled seamless square tube.
In the view of many hot-rolled section technicians, the hollow closed section steel is impossible to be hot rolled out, even the semi closed hafen groove is difficult to roll.

Hot rolled hafen trough

However, when the cross-border integration of profile steel and steel tube rolling technology, seamless steel tube and square tube product characteristics is realized, the traditional concept is subverted.
Before 2000, there were few relevant materials at home and abroad for hot-rolled seamless square tube, most of which were cold drawn or extruded. Baotou Steel successfully produced 140 * 140 * 10 mm seamless square tube by hot rolling under a blank.
The production process of Baotou Steel is to change the last two of the 12 micro tension sizing units into four high mills on the original seamless steel tube production line. This four high mill is actually a common universal mill for hot rolling section steel. The steel tube production technology and section steel production technology are integrated in a cross-border way.


Because of its own structural characteristics, the hot-rolled seamless square tube effectively avoids the defects of performance degradation caused by welding connection. It is often used as the pipeline for conveying fluid, such as the pipeline for transporting oil, natural gas, gas, water and some solid materials, etc., and can also be used to manufacture structural parts and mechanical parts, such as oil drill pipe, automobile transmission shaft, bicycle frame and construction.

With the further expansion of the demand for hot-rolled seamless square tube this year, there are more and more manufacturers. Among them, Hualing Hengyang Steel tube is the most typical one, and a few private enterprises also produce it.


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