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Application Characteristics of ASME SA213 T23 Steel Pipe

Attention:     Issuing time:2019-09-29 10:26
ASME SA213 T23 steel pipe is selected for the spiral section water wall and vertical evaporation section water wall of 1000MW tower boiler produced by Shanghai Boiler Works. It is developed by Sumitomo of Japan and produced according to ASME SA-213 standard.
When ASME SA213 T23 steel pipe is used for water wall pipe in domestic application, foreign literature has reported that SA213 T23 can be welded without heat treatment when the wall thickness is less than 10 mm. However, with the in-depth research and application of SA213 T23 steel in recent years, it is found that SA213 T23 steel has a certain tendency of cold cracking. Firstly, without preheating, no cold crack can be guaranteed under the condition of relatively limited force. Secondly, without heat treatment after welding, even if the tensile strength and plastic properties of welded joints are all qualified, the hardness and impact toughness of SA213 T23 steel's weld and heat affected zone are higher. The impact toughness of weld and heat treatment zone is improved significantly after heat treatment at 710-730 C.

According to the results of practical application of SA213 T23 steel pipe in recent years, the trace elements of T23 steel were adjusted in the CASE 2199-4 standard issued by ASME in 2009.
1) The content of B element is increased from 0.0005%-0.006% to 0.001%-0.06% in order to improve the hardenability of steel.
2) Compounds with N < 0.015% and Ti (Ti) 0.005% - 0.06%, Ti + N (> 3.5%) have strong affinity. Dispersion precipitation strengthens the grain boundary and improves the high temperature strength of the grain boundary. The purpose of reducing the content of N element is to reduce the aging brittleness caused by residual N element.
3) Grain refinement (ferrite), which belongs to solution strengthening, improves the hardenability of steel.


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